each of us can change the world when we start with our very own


stories matter. relationships matter. race matters.

i believe that by sharing our stories we build and foster stronger relationships that allow us to talk more openly and honestly with one another and ultimately take action in meaningful and impactful ways.  i believe the act of sharing our stories is an act of love. i believe that when we openly and honestly discuss race through our stories we build stronger relationships that have the power to alter the fabric of our nation in essential ways.

i have over 20 years of experience as an educator, school leader and leadership coach. i tell stories through images, through words and quite honestly through my very existence. i have extensive experience facilitating groups and supporting individuals with bold conversations about many things, including race.

i believe that we can each change the world when we decide to start with our very own.  

thank you Krista Njapa for these images.  she is one of the best storytellers i know!

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i believe that moms and women change the world everyday. i also believe that if we can talk to each other and have brave and candid conversations about race, we can change the world our children will inhabit.

Brandy Nelson is an amazing school leader. In collaboration with UnboundEd, I had the opportunity to help Brandy share her story of leadership, continual learning and ensuring high standards for her students. 


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when my little girl started to doubt the beauty that is her hair and one way she identified herself, i did what any mom would have done, i loved her out loud. this piece first appeared on hair as identity. 

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