the working manifesto of a black mama warrior woman trying to get free or forty5 ways to get you some freedom

  1. take gentle care of yourself and others

  2. embrace all the shit that makes you different

  3. deal with your shit so others won't have to

  4. find and accept what motivates you at your core and let that shit guide you

  5. make promises to yourself and keep them then forgive yourself when you break them and allow space for new light in at the seams

  6. write and share your racial autobiography

  7. construct your own table and invite your tribe to sit at it

  8. fall so that you know what is too far and what is just enough

  9. eat the good food and drink the good drinks

  10. radically own and speak your truth

  11. speak  1/n  of the time or less

  12. hug like you mean it and be the last to let go

  13. accept the compliments

  14. seek work life fulfillment

  15. believe and trust the universe

  16. make, accept and be a miracle

  17. wear whatever the fuck you want

  18. create something meaningful

  19. stand up for what is just

  20. make space for all of us to get free

  21. go where you are valued

  22. know that you are enough

  23. let the tears flow when they come for you

  24. listen to the youth and respect the elders

  25. trust and follow black women

  26. support black owned businesses

  27. have way more sex

  28. walk barefoot on the earth

  29. practice yoga

  30. read books

  31. love out loud

  32. listen to the ocean

  33. be all love with appropriate doses of rage

  34. be a safe space

  35. be the revolution

  36. be intentional

  37. be spiritual

  38. be honest

  39. be accountable

  40. meditate

  41. participate

  42. laugh

  43. resist

  44. surrender

  45. be