five reflections on le dîner en blanc, new york

(1) THE UNIVERSE IS ALWAYS LISTENING. over the years i have seen some of you on fb posting your glorious pics dressed in all white at a dinner that i had no idea about. these images left me wondering how does one get invited? why am not in the know? do i really want to go cause i hate things where you have to dress the same? how do you all look so fresh and clean and it's the middle of summer? then my friend tamika says "what you doing on august 22?" enter le dîner en blanc, new york.

the walk.JPG

(2) TRY TO SAY YES MORE THAN YOU SAY NO. cause honestly, as my 11 year old always says when i'm debating between sitting on the couch and going out, "you only live once!" so i said yes to wearing all white with about 1000 other people and i loved it. i had now idea what to expect and i loved it. added bonus: i look awesome in all white and may have to add that to the rotation.

note: the fact that by the time you get to the venue you are so hot, tired, thirsty and hungry that you don't even care what is for dinner because you are just happy to be sitting down (on the chair you carried), eating and drinking might add to the loving it part.

getting there.JPG

(3) WHEN COMPLAINING, DROP A FEW F-BOMBS AND KEEP IT MOVING. i was all kinds of annoyed because i had to find ONE white chair to take with me. i cursed when my daughter gave me spray painting lessons (whole other post). i cursed as i walked in the hot ass heat with said chair to the train station. i cursed when the train never came and bits of my soul melted into the subway platform. i stopped cussin when i arrived at the meet up spot and saw that other people had tables and sets of chairs and a whole lot more and they ALL looked happy AF!!!


verta and emma.JPG
all white and a table i did not have to carry.JPG
verta and tamika.JPG

(5) FIND THE JOY! look, there is some crazy shit going on in this world and there was crazy shit going on in this world before january 2017 and there will be crazy shit going on in 2020. we are all complex beings and can hold space for joy and pain and rage and laughter. we can be activists and revelers. go get you some joy to go with all the rest of those emotions and maybe put on all white and have a dinner party with 1000 new friends while you are at it. 

our table.JPG