i love queen sugar! yes. i know i am late to the party and so happy to have arrived!










the therapist. the owner of the the high yellow, who happens to be high yellow. the moderator of the mass incarceration panel. ralph angel's parole officer. toine, the police officer who was once antionette. blue's doll, kenya. davis' lawyer. the whole damn beautiful bordelon family ... and in every magnificent shade imaginable. 

and if they are not black they are people of color. blue's classroom teacher. the new manager of the mill. the migrant workers. the tv reporter/journalist at the habitat for humanity build.

and you know what? they are all beautiful and complex and different. they represent so much of who we are as human beings and my soul is saved because of queen sugar. this type of television programming is not what i grew up on and honestly, i had given up expecting it decades ago. given up the notion that black people and people of color could be simply represented as human beings without the stereotypes and quite honestly the humor (i love humor it's just not all that we are or can be). then this brilliant being named ava duvernay with her beautiful locs and magnificently raspy voice decided we couldn't wait anymore. we simply could not. she simply would not. daring to do that which she was put on this earth to do ... be her ancestors wildest unapologetically dreams.

ps - there are white people too. they own businesses. they work at the bank. they are police officers. they are parents. they are reporters. they just aren't the center of the fucking universe here. and i love it.