for the love of derby: week four

just when i thought i was getting better they decided it was time to start skating backwards. what the holy fu*k? a few things i know for sure:

1. sometimes life throws you curve balls. i have gotten my fair share. i've learned it all comes down to how you catch them ... actually, you don't even have to full on catch em you really just have to stay in the game. so as i watched others freak out with me or just go with it and some just crush it (yes. i see you and half hate half love you fearless Charlotte who seems to master everything instantly) i stayed in the game and tried to catch this curve ball. my backwards skating leaves much to be desired but i'm confident i will be better at it next week than i was this week just because im staying in the game.

2. we women are so much stronger together. today we practiced being in the pack and i loved it. i felt safe and protected. women are really just AWEsome and badass and i feel blessed to be one!#feminismistheradicalnotionthatwomenarehuman