for the love of roller derby: week five

i hit my head really hard and had to sit out the last 30 minutes of practice. i am fine AND thank you sweet baby Jesus for helmets. here is what i do know for sure at the halfway point:

your neck sure gets sore looking over your shoulder. i am better at skating backwards as predicted. to be clear, i am better and NOT good at skating backwards hence the sitting out. anyway, skating backwards requires me to keep looking over my shoulder for obvious reasons. in roller derby, looking over my shoulder/looking back is necessary and actually helps me move forward. as i struggled to turn my neck after practice i was reminded that in life just as in derby looking back is only good when it's helping you move forward, which if i'm being honest is just not that often. so, no more looking back! if it's not serving me, whatever is behind me is staying exactly where i left it ... behind me!

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