for the love of derby: week three

this was my favorite day of roller derby to date. let me tell you what i know for sure:

1. the recovery is just as important as the fall! we fell we fell we fell and then we fell again ... on purpose and i loved it. there's something so exhilarating for me about intentionally falling down on my knee pads and then getting back up/recovering from the fall as quickly as i can afterwards to get back in the game that i honesty had no idea i would love so much. i think i should have been a goalie ... except for the balls being kicked at my body and face part. 

2. there's a difference between challenging and fun. sometimes a challenge can be fun but if it's really difficult there's actually a chance it won't be much fun for a while. that's when it's easy to just give up. look, if it's not serving you or harming you in anyway i am all for letting it go but if it's pushing you in places you need to be pushed and taking you to realizations you haven't had before and is maybe super uncomfortable i say keep at it. the moment you decide to quit could very well be the same moment are about to make a breakthrough.